Droit de Cité Program


The name “Droit de Cité” refers to an ancient Roman concept: the “right of the city” is the right to have a voice in the city’s communal affairs. It is also the right that may be granted to an army, allowing it to parade through the city with its drums and flags. 


It is this idea of dialogue and manifestation that lies behind the initiative: the notion of introducing ourselves to those who know us only slightly so that they can better see our colours. In this way, La Cité universitaire is opening its doors to researchers able to present their ideas and work in French, whether they are professors, students or community members. 

The noon-hour Droit de Cité lecture series showcases the research of Saskatchewan’s Francophones and Francophiles. 

The lectures take place in La Rotonde at La Cité universitaire francophone. Participants are invited to bring their lunch and listen to speakers in a relaxed atmosphere. Coffee and tea are provided.

If you’re a researcher or student interested in sharing your research topics by presenting them at a noon-hour lecture, contact the CRFM.




  CRFM de La Cité universitaire francophone
  crfm.cite@uregina.ca | 306.337.3273