Distance learning program "Pour l'amour du français"

Distance learning program


About the program

The Pour l’amour du françaisTM  program from the Language Research Development Groupe (LRDG) allows you to quickly improve your French skills while enjoying a stimulating personalized learning experience.

The program uses a pedagogical approach that combines computer-based tools with personalized sessions directed by a tutor, by telephone or online, for rapid, effective and fun learning.

This part-time tutoring program offers distance language education designed specifically for people with a busy schedule. Using a mixed approached that combines self-study with our training software and personalized tutoring sessions, our methodology provides a targeted, flexible and motivational learning process.     

Progress at your own speed while achieving measurable results with a commitment of 7 hours a week. 

The program begins with a preliminary oral assessment. Then, based on your strengths and weaknesses, the evaluator will recommend a starting module, providing a detailed report. A qualified tutor will be assigned to you, taking your schedule into account – and then you’re ready to start!

Our certified and experienced tutors will provide you with personalized individual lessons. The tutor will focus on areas for improvement and suggest exercises suited to your needs. The hour of  tutoring is focused on verbal communication in order to maximize your oral expression and comprehension skills.

Your purchase of the language training program includes your learning material, which corresponds to one module. The LRDG language training modules meet the strict requirements of the Government of Canada’s language skill levels. 


Key elements of the program

  • 15 levels including reading, writing and listening exercises, as well as grammatical concepts and vocabulary;
  • Sessions with a personal tutor to practice your oral skills;
  • Progress at your own speed, scheduling your tutoring sessions according to your availability;
  • Study anywhere, anytime: at home, at school or on the road;
  • The learning methodology guarantees quick progress and effective learning.



  • An oral evaluation is required at the end of a module.
  • The fifth hour of tutoring will be used for this evaluation.
  • A minimum mark of 90% is required to pass a module.


Registration cost

 $365/module (includes 5 hours of tutoring)



  French Training Centre
  centreFR.cite@uregina.ca | 

La Cité: 306 585-4828

French Training Centre Coordinator:

306 337-8491

Pour l'amour du françaisTM  is a 15-module program, divided into Beginner to Advanced levels. This means anyone can enrol in the program, whatever their language level.

Once you’ve completed your online registration, La Cité:

  • will send you an email confirmation;
  • will notify the LRDG group which will contact you for a preliminary oral evaluation.

Using a detailed comprehensive report, they will then recommend a starting module, based on your strengths and weaknesses. A qualified tutor will then be assigned to you and you can begin your program. 

Register at any time and progress at your own speed.

The estimated length of a module is approximately 8 weeks.

We recommend that each week you do 5 to 7 hours of self-study with the online module for each hour of tutoring. This will allow you to put into practice the new concepts you have learned. At the end of each module, your knowledge will be assessed using two tests: the end of module test (written) and the oral test (spoken). Your oral evaluation test report, accessible through the LRDG portal, will list all language concepts acquired, being acquired, or to be acquired, so that you can easily identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Furthermore, you’ll benefit from other interactive tools to advance your learning. The LRDG community will provide you with additional pedagogical support outside tutoring hours, while our interactive LRDG Express blog will inspire you with new activities and learning strategies.

Note that 5 hours of tutoring are included with course registration.