Begin, Progress and Practice

A variety of programs is offered at all levels, allowing students to discover, improve and perfect their French in various formats, styles and speeds.

The wide range of courses and programs allows all learners to find the format and content best suited to their needs.

Key Programs

► Weekly oral communication classroom courses: beginner to proficient, these French as a second language courses prepare learners to communicate orally and in writing in professional and everyday situations.

► Summer immersion for adults: an intensive immersion program held at La Cité. Designed to allow adults to develop their French language skills, both spoken and written, and expand their experience of French through sociocultural activities that put it into practice.

► Distance courses – Pour l’amour du français is a program that combines self-study with distance tutoring, offering reading, writing and listening exercises along with vocabulary and grammatical concepts.

► French for older adults: courses for older adults offered in partnership with the University of Regina’s Lifelong Learning Centre.

Improve your Spoken French

► Franco Club discussion group: a relaxed and informal gathering at which you can discuss any topic you like, simply to practice your French and maintain it between courses!

► Are you uncertain about what course or program to enrol in? Contact us to discuss it.

► Are you an individual or group looking for a customized private course or training session centered on a specific theme?

La Cité offers the option of custom-designed courses, providing a private personalized approach in which the course is specifically developed according to the interests of the participant(s). Contact us to discuss your requirements! 

A French language assessment is required to determine your starting level

If you have never taken French courses at La Cité, or if the last course you took was more than two years ago, you are required to take a placement test to determine your level. This test is conducted by telephone by the continuing education coordinator. Lasting approximately 20 minutes, the test will be performed after you have enrolled. The coordinator will determine your level in order to place you in the appropriate course (A1 Beginner to C2 Proficient). If you have never studied French, you will automatically begin in the A1 Beginner level. 

Rules and conditions for language classes


  • A minimum number of students is required for a course to be held.  
  • New students who have never taken a course at La Cité (or the former Institut français) must take a placement test or be able to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge of French.
  • Registration fees must be paid before the program begins.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive written proof of attendance if you have fulfilled at least 50% of the course objectives and attended at least 70% of the course sessions.



In the event that you have to cancel your registration, fees are 100% refundable if you notify La Cité before 4:30 p.m. on the payment deadline date specified on your registration documents.

NO refunds will be given after the deadline.  

If a course is cancelled by La Cité, 100% of the fees will be refunded.



If you wish to withdraw from a program in progress, please notify La Cité universitaire francophone as soon as possible.

*Missing a class does not automatically mean that you are withdrawing from the course.



  • Parking is free on weekdays after 5:00 pm, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays (at meters and in lots M and Z).
  • Pay parking meters are located throughout the campus at a rate of $2/hour before 5:00pm.
  • Parking passes are available at the Parking Office located in the College West Building, room 108 (306.585.5555).


Did you know? Under an agreement with the Government of Canada, La Cité is able to offer French language training to federal public servants thanks to our accredited instructors in the French as a second language program.



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