Improve your French communication skills!

Do you want to be able to order a drink on a patio, have a conversation with your children who are in French immersion, or listen to a French radio program?

The French as a second language learning program can help you, whatever your starting level. Adult students, from beginner to proficient levels, have access to courses suited to their needs.

These courses are designed for adults (age 18 and up) wishing to learn or improve their French.

Our approach? Comprehension and spoken expression through practice, without neglecting good grammar usage. Students are grouped according to their skill level, determined using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (6 levels, from A1 to C2).

What’s my language level?

If you’ve never taken non-credit French courses from La Cité, or if the last course you took was over two years ago, you are required to take a placement test to determine your level. The test is conducted by telephone and takes about 20 minutes. If you have never studied French, you will automatically be placed in the A1 – Beginner level.

A pedagogical approach focused on:

    • pedagogical strategies and formulas that facilitate language learning; 
    • grammatical exercises;
    • diverse and dynamic educational activities;
    • varied word games and activities aimed at familiarizing students with Francophone culture. 

    The range of courses offered includes practical workshops that let students put into practice what they have learned. In addition, all our courses are offered by qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic instructors.

    Course levels in detail

    Course Schedule and Fees

    La Cité universitaire francophone will contact you after your registration is received. New students will be contacted for a 20-minute over the phone placement test. Those with no previous knowledge of French are exempt and will automatically be placed in A1.

    Fall 2023:

    Saturday: A1

    September 23rd to December 16th  


    Tuesday: A1 & A2

    September 26th to December 19th  


    Wednesday: B1, B2 & C

    September 27th to December 20th  



    Early bird (immediate payment): $385 (on or before September 5th)

    Regular price: $415 

    To register:


    Winter 2024:

    Saturday: A1

    January 23st to April 9th


    Tuesday: A1 & A2

    January 23th to April 9th  


    Wednesday: B1, B2 & C

    January 24th to April 10th 



    Early bird (immediate payment): $385 (on or before January 2nd)

    Regular price: $415 

    To register:


    Spring 2024:

    Tuesday: A1 & A2

    May 7th to June 11th 


    Wednesday: B1, B2 & C

    May 8th to June 12th



    Early bird (immediate payment): $195 (on or before April 24)

    Regular price: $220 

    To register:


    Registration will be confirmed once full group is attained to go ahead within deadline or shortly after extension, and payment has been received. Fees must be paid before attending the first class. No exceptions.

    No refund after the registration deadline. For those registered after the deadline, no refund will be offered. A $50 administration fee may be withheld for withdrawals before the deadline. A doctor's note will be necessary to obtain reimbursement for health related reasons.

    Full payment will be refunded if the class cannot be held due to low registration; placement test administration fees still stand if test was administered.

    Learn more about the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    The Common European Framework of Reference:

    • provides a standard for grading an individual's language proficiency according to 6 reference levels (novice to advanced)
    • provides objectives according to 5 competencies (reading, writing, listening, speaking and oral interaction)
    • adopts an action-oriented approach (action or task-based learning)
    • regards language users as social agents who develop general and particular communicative competencies while trying to achieve their everyday goals



      French Training Centre 

    La Cité: 306 585-4828

    French Training Centre Coordinator:

    306 337-8491