Bilingual Minor in African Studies

A Bilingual program to study Africa!

The Bilingual Minor in African Studies introduces students to African history, culture, politics, and social realities and allows students to develop intercultural understanding, critical thinking, and communication skills in French and English. The program consists of two required courses and four electives. A study abroad option in Francophone Africa is offered every two years.

9 credits to be completed in French

According to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (2018), Africa is home to 59% of the 300 million French speakers in the world. In Saskatchewan, there is a growing African diaspora community, a significant proportion of which is French-speaking. The program contribute to intercultural education at the University of Regina, helping students to better understand how colonization, enslavement, and anti-Black racism have shaped the experiences of the African diaspora, and in turn how members of the diaspora have resisted these structures of oppression. 


The key goals of the program are to:

  • Improve students’ intercultural understanding and skills
  • Improve students’ critical thinking and communication skills (in both French and English)



Entrance Requirements

  • Meet the entrance requirements of La Cité universitaire francophone at the University of Regina (students from all faculties are eligible for admission).
  • Possess an intermediate level of French (ideally FR200 or have completed a program in a Francophone or French immersion school). A placement test may be required before enrolling in your first course. 

Please make an appointment with your academic advisor at the Student Services Centre to enrol in this program. 




  French and Francophone Intercultural Studies Program


  1. Two required courses

Dynamique des sociétés africaines ÉAS200

Cultures et représentations de l’Afrique ÉAS210


  1. Four electives courses among the following:

List A — Courses on African topics

ARTH 290AP 3:0-0 - African Art History

ÉAS300AA-ZZ - Perspectives d’études sur l’Afrique

ENGL 485AB 3:3-0 - Postcolonial Literature/Theory

FILM 380AO 3:3-0 - African Cinema

FILM 480BL - Afrofuturism

FRN 220AC - La musique en Afrique francophone

HIST 290AN 3:3-0 - History of Africa

Any other course with substantial course content related to Africa. Permission must be obtained from the Associate Director or designate.


List B — Other relevant courses

ANTH 100 3:3-1 - Introduction to Anthropology

ARTH 100 - Introduction à l'histoire de l'Art

GEOG 100 - World Regional Geography

GEOG222 - Global Economies, Local Lives

GEOG 316 - Geography of the Third World

HIST116 - Issues in World History

IS220 - International Development and Poverty

IS 300 3:3-0 - Globalization: Its Dynamics and Consequences

MAP 201 - Global Migrations

SOC 201 - Globalization and Development

SOC 314 3:3-0 - Sociology of Development

WGST 421 - Feminism, Women and Globalization


  1. Study abroad option

A study abroad option in Francophone Africa will be offered every two years (6 credits).


The certificate program is open to all university students, no matter what their program or year.

Students may choose to do the Minor at the same time as a bachelor’s program.


  • Access to numerous scholarships, including $500 for students taking at least 3 French courses per semester


  • Access to the Student Services Centre (free tutoring service, academic guidance, job readiness, etc.)