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July 3 to August 4, 2022

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The EXPLORE program, in partnership with the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, is designed to provide 16 and 17 year olds from Canada and abroad with a unique experience that combines outdoor activities in a natural setting with the development of oral communication skills, so that learning French becomes exciting and involving.

Groups of approximately 14 students each are formed according to oral proficiency level, based on the results of placement tests. Our program offers 2 levels: beginner and intermediate.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How many scholarship recipients are in the program?

42 scholarship recipients


How are the groups formed?

Based on the results of the pre-tests: the pre-test is conducted first by means of a telephone interview held in early May.


Are students housed in single or double rooms (shared with another student)?

Most students are housed in a single room. There are five rooms for two people, which will be assigned randomly by the program coordinator. Each room includes a bed (single or double), a wardrobe and a desk. Bedding and two bath towels are provided.


Do students have access to a wireless Internet network in the residences?

Yes, there is a wireless network in the residence and the CÉGEP.


What is a typical week?

What is class schedule? There are 3.5 hours of class time each morning.

Over 5 weeks, what is the amount of time dedicated to excursions? Excursions are organized on weekends (see the document on optional activities).

How long are the excursions? The excursions are full days, except camping that is 3 full days.

Are there additional costs to participate in the excursions? Yes (see the document on optional activities).

How much free time do students have? Students have 2 hours of free time per days including some evenings that have been identified as free time.

How flexible is the free time? Can we leave the campus? Yes, it is possible to leave campus after lunch, before dinner, and before workshops and cultural activities, but not after 9 p.m. except on weekends. It is important to notify the person in charge before leaving campus.


What happens on weekends?

On weekends, free and fee-based activities are organized. Students may choose to participate or not. Note that all students must notify program leaders of their movements or plans for the day. Curfew (10:30 p.m. from Sunday to Thursday, 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday) remains in effect.


How important are outdoor activities in the program?

Gaspé is a town surrounded by nature, making it an ideal spot for outdoor activities. The program includes, among other things, eight hours of sailing instruction and a camping weekend. An additional eight hours of sailing instruction is offered as an optional pay activity. 

Students who choose the Explore program in Gaspé should be prepared for outdoor activities, no matter what the weather conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to bring clothing appropriate for variable temperatures as well as summer conditions: because of the proximity to the ocean, the weather can change quickly and it is sometimes cool (between 10°C and 30°C).


Do all students have access to a physical training room?

All students receive an access card for the college’s sports complex, which offers a variety of facilities including a pool, gym, training room, tennis court, etc. Although students can rent bicycles, they are invited to bring their own bike, skateboard or inline skates.


How do students get around in town?

The town of Gaspé is not very large. Downtown Gaspé is easily reached on foot.

Information on the Explore Bursary

Participants in Explore receive a $2,800 bursary that covers tuition fees for the courses, instructional materials, meals and accommodations, workshops, and other compulsory activities. Bursaries are awarded by random draw. The educational institution you will be attending will receive the bursary directly.


On-line application

Click here to apply for a bursary or for a detailed outline of the registration requirements and application deadlines.

*must have completed grade 11 by June 30 to be eligible for a bursary


Typical Week


Bursary students

The bursary does not cover:

  • Registration fee of $275 (non-refundable and payable only if you receive a bursary)
  • Travel expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses

Non-bursary students

  • Program fees of $2,800 (Covers: Tuition fees, textbooks, room and board and participation in all compulsory activities)
  • Registration fee of $275 (non-refundable)
  • Travel expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Personal expenses

Transportation, Arrival & Departure

All students (both bursary and non-bursary) are responsible for their own travel expenses.

How to get to Gaspé:

By plane

  • From your province to Montréal (choose your airline company)
    • Once in Montréal to get to Gaspé choose Pascan airline (717,75$ taxes included)
      (You will receive a code to reserve your seats.)
      • Departure from Montréal on July 3rd at 11:00 am (we suggest students from Ontario to connect with this flight)
      • Departure from Montréal on July 3rd at 6:30 pm (we suggest students from West : MB - SK – AB - BC – Yukon – NT to connect with this flight)
      • Departure from Gaspé on August 4th at 14:10 


By bus

  • Arrivals and departures everyday 

We recommend:

Orlean Express (Quebec)

Greyhound (Ontario and Western Canada)

If you are coming from Western Canada or Ontario with Greyhound, you will automatically end your trip at Montréal. You need to purchase another ticket with Orlean Express to travel from Montreal to Gaspé. Orlean Express is the only bus company that offers the transit between those two cities

By car

Google Maps


Arrival and Departure

Participants should plan to arrive in Gaspé for July 3rd. Staff will be on hand to welcome you at the airport and at the residence.

The program ends on August 4th at noon. You are required to participate in all compulsory program activities until the end of the program.




The residence is right on the Gaspé Campus. Residence housing is located near all services, including banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, cinema, convenience stores, shopping centres, etc. All students will stay at the residence. Most students will be accommodated in single rooms,  while other students will be accommodated in twin-bedded rooms. The rooms are assigned randomly.




Students have their three meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) in the Cégep cafeteria. The cafeteria staff makes every effort (within reasonable limits) to accommodate special dietary needs or allergies, but you must provide this information in your registration form. If you require a particular food item, you may want to bring a supply with you.

On weekends, students receive $20 per day to purchase their meals or buy their own food to cook in the residence kitchen. All the facilities are there to cook great healthy meals. 

Optional Activities

A – A Day in Percé

 (4 options – Select only one option)

  1. Cruise to Rocher Percé – Île Bonaventure : $50           
  2. Whale watching cruise:  $80            
  3. Walk through the town of Percé: $20

B – Canyoning

Canyoning takes you on a unique adventure between land and water. Set in a breathtaking location shaped but thousands of years of water flow, this aquatic adventure allows you to explore natural waterslides, emerald green pits, rock walls and waterfalls. Climbing, cliff jumping, sliding and other surpises await!

Fees: $75

C – Sea kayaking

Fees: 2.5 hrs excursion / $60

D – Sailing Workshops

École de voile Le Cormoran (


Proof of Vaccination

Proof of vaccination is mandatory. 

For more information please contact:

Lorraine Laliberté
Director, Explore in Gaspé Program
La Cité universitaire francophone, University of Regina