Summer Immersion for Adults

Do you want to quickly acquire French language skills? Immerse yourself in Francophone culture? Improve your understanding of written French and express yourself with more confidence? 

Reprogram your brain in French!

La Cité’s Summer Immersion Program for Adults lets you achieve your goal in two weeks (via Zoom). Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation and take advantage of the opportunity to practice your French spoken skills with other adults at your level.  

Immersion is a very effective approach to learning a second language. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, whether you’re a beginner or fluent in French, you’ll improve your language skills through this intensive program. 

Summer immersion is an intensive program aimed at adults at all proficiency levels.

The participant’s level is determined at the time of registration by means of a placement test. Homogeneous groups are formed at levels from Beginner (A1) to Proficient (C2).


    What are the benefits of the immersion program? 

    • Participants develop confidence speaking French in a social or work situation;
    • Participants improve their spoken French skills;  
    • Participants understand spoken and written French better;
    • Participants expand their understanding of Francophone culture.  


    Registration fee: $450 for two weeks

    Registration deadline: June 14, 2021


    Summer 2021

    July 5th - 16th, 2021

    Registration fee: $450




      French Training Centre | 306.337.2616