Test d'évaluation de français (TEF)

Language assessments have been suspended due to COVID-19 and Government of Saskatchewan regulations


  1. Exam Overview
  2. Calendar
  3. Registration
  4. Fees and Payment Methods
  5. TEF Prep Course
  6. Results
  7. General Conditions
  8. Accommodation


1. Exam Overview

TEF Canada

The TEF Canada is a general French test intended to assess the French-language knowledge and skill level of Francophones and individuals whose first language is not French.

The TEF Canada is recognized as proof of language ability by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for the purposes of permanent residence and Canadian citizenship applications.  

The TEF Canada consists of four tests:

  1. Written comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  2. Oral comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  3. Written expression (classroom test on paper)
  4. Oral expression (individual test before a two-examiner jury)



As opposed to the TEF Canada, the TEFAQ  is intended for candidates for immigration to the province of Quebec.  It is the version of the TEF recognized by Quebec’s Department of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion as part of an official immigration application. 

 The TEFAQ consists of four tests:

  1. Written comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  2. Oral comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  3. Written expression (classroom test on paper)
  4. Oral expression (individual test before a two-examiner jury)


TEF for Studies in France

The TEF for Studies in France is required for non-French students who wish to pursue studies in France and enrol for the first time to a French university (bachelor level).

The principal difference with the general TEF is that it includes an additional test - Vocabulary/Structure -  which is completed by computer just like the Written and Oral Expression tests.

  1. Written comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  2. Oral comprehension (classroom test on a computer)
  3. Written expression (classroom test on paper)
  4. Vocabulary/structure (classroom test on a computer)


Separate tests 

For various reasons, candidates may choose may choose the tests they wish to take, according to their needs, without having to do all the tests. 

For more details on scorecards and duration of the tests, please refer to the CIC Paris Île-de-France website.


2. Calendar

From 8:30 a.m.

  • Because of COVID-19, tests are not currently offered.


3. Registration

To register for one of the three tests, please register online: registration form

  • Your photo will be taken on the morning of the day of the test session. This is a requirement as part of the test process under the rules established by CIC. 
  • Once your registration form and payment have been received, you will receive a registration acknowledgment by e-mail, as well as a candidate’s handbook. We will also send out your official examination notice a few days before the test. 

Registration deadline is 10 days prior to the test date.

4. Fees and Payment




Written comprehension:     $115,50
Oral comprehension    $94,50
Vocabulary/Structure    $84
Written expression    $115,50
Oral expression    $136,50
Multiple-choice questionnaire tests (Written comprehension  oral comprehension   vocabulary/structure)         $294
TEF Canada or TEFAQ    $462
TEF Studies in France    $546
Duplicata of certificate    $15


* The applicable goods and services tax (GST) are included to the examination fees. 


Payment Methods

Exam fees must be paid at the same time as registration. Registration will not be considered complete until the payment has been made.  

The fees can be paid by any of the following options: 

  1. Online payment
  2. Cash at La Cité reception desk (CT 217) during office hours
  3. Debit card or credit card* at La Cité reception desk (CT 217) during office hours
  4. By cheque* (to be left at La Cité reception desk during office hours or sent by regular mail**)

* Visa, Mastercard, credit card, debit card, certified cheques and personal cheques accepted.

** Mailing address : La Cité universitaire francophone, University of Regina, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, Saskatchewan,, Canada, S4S 0A2


5. TEF Prep Course

In addition to the free mobile application, Français 3.0, candidates may complete an online training course for €39 (approximately $60). The course includes 15-20 hours of work in preparation for all parts of the tests.


Information and Registration


6. Results

Following the TEF, a detailed, personalized certificate will be issued. You will receive your certificate 5-7 weeks after the examination. If you are unable to pick it up in person at the front desk of La Cité at the University of Regina, it will be sent to you by regular mail. You may also ask another person to collect your certificate for you, in which case the person must bring a letter of permission (proxy), written and signed by you, a copy of an I.D. document belonging to you (e.g., passport or driver’s licence), as well as a piece of photo I.D. belonging to the designated person. 

You may retake one or more TEF tests if you are not satisfied with your previous results. However, you must wait two months before registering for another session. 


7. General Conditions

  • Full payment is required at the time of registration; 
  • A non-refundable fee of $50 will be retained in the event the candidate withdraws or changes sessions before the registration deadline; 
  • No refunds will be given or session changes accepted after the registration deadline except for a serious substantiated reason (medical certificate etc.) or in the event of cancellation by La Cité universitaire francophone at the University of Regina, in which case another examination date will be offered or a full refund made; 
  • It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to register for the examination most appropriate to him or her. La Cité at the University of Regina and its employees cannot be held responsible for the choice made by the candidate.


8. Accomodation

The University of Regina offers students and guests short-term accommodation solutions at very competitive prices. If you would like to book a guestroom at the University of Regina, please go to www.uregina.ca/student/residence/hotel/ and fill in the Booking Form as requested.





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