2016 Prix de la Fransasque awarded to Eveline Hamon

Nov 5, 2016

La Cité universitaire francophone is proud to note that Éveline Hamon has been honoured with the 2016 Prix de la Fransasque for her poem La fransasque

Éveline wrote La Fransasque in 1981 to express her pride in her feeling of belonging to the Fransaskois country. Her poem would inspire numerous writings and songs, and would come to symbolize the defending of Saskatchewan’s Francophone minority community.

The poem La Fransasque is better understood once we know Éveline Hamon’s personal history. She comes from the third generation of a Breton family that settled in Gravelbourg and learns French thanks to her parents and their friends. She meets and joins the Association jeunessse fransaskoise around the age of 15 and becomes part of the Francophone community, discovering its artists and thinkers and her future friends.  

Francophone by ancestry and by attachment, Éveline has taught French at La Cité for four years. To her, French is much more than her mother tongue: it is her very identity, and this is what she seeks to share with her students at La Cité, as she has done with all those she has taught over the years.  

The poem La Fransasque is available on Société Historique de la Saskatchewan.

The Prix de la Fransasque are awarded every year during the Gala de la Fransasque, to publicly recognize and honour the fransaskois community members for their achievements. 

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