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Bachelor of Arts in French as a Second Language (BA FSL)


Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in French as a Second Language (BA FSL) program at La Cité is more than just language acquisition. Our program aims to guide students toward achieving a proficiency level of B2 or C1 on CEFR French tests while cultivating practical language skills for effective communication in various Francophone environments. Through a comprehensive curriculum integrating grammar, writing, and speaking skills, students explore specialized concentrations tailored to their interests and career paths. Through deep exploration, students gain insights into the histories, traditions, and nuances of Francophone communities worldwide. Whether it is in Saskatchewan, Canada, or beyond, our students are prepared to navigate diverse cultural landscapes while being confident communicators.


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Why Choose BA FSL?

With over 320 million French speakers worldwide, learning French opens doors to diverse opportunities. La Cité's BA FSL program provides cultural competence to enable graduates to thrive in Francophone environments, both locally and globally. Designed to empower students to achieve proficiency in oral and written French within four years, our program offers experiential learning opportunities and specialized concentrations to prepare students for success in the Canadian job market and beyond.


Why Choose La Cité?

Inclusive and stimulating environment

La Cité is more than a traditional academic unit. It is a vibrant hub where Francophone culture, language, and growth converge. Our dedicated faculty fosters a diverse, inclusive environment that empowers students' personal and professional development, ensuring they thrive in linguistic diversity and intercultural comprehension.

Career opportunities

The demand for bilingual professionals is growing across various sectors, especially those federally regulated and under the Official Languages Act. La Cité's BA FSL program prepares students for success in public service, translation, administration, politics, diplomacy, business, research, education, journalism, communications, and more. These career opportunities offer graduates the chance to make a meaningful impact in a globalized world where communication across languages is crucial. The skills and knowledge gained through La Cité's BA FSL program provide a strong foundation for success in these diverse fields.

According to a June 1, 2023 report by Statistics Canada, in 2022, approximately 1 million positions in businesses in Canada required bilingualism (English and French). In terms of labour, all businesses that offered at least one type of bilingual service accounted for 41% of jobs in Canada's private sector.

The testimonials and videos on La Cité’s alumni page highlight the success of our graduates in securing employment in bilingual or multilingual roles, demonstrating our programs’ record of preparing students for the workforce.


Take advantage of numerous scholarships and financial support programs:

Admission incentives
  • $100 application fee waived for the 1st 100 applicants within the academic year
  • $3,000 for the 50 first applicants within the academic year
Scholarships awarded automatically (subject to eligibility and qualification):

For students beginning their studies at the University of Regina directly out of grade 12

  • Circle of Scholars (highest admission average in their region) - $20,000 ($5,000 over 4 years)
  • U of R Entrance Scholarship
    • Admission average of 95% or higher - $3,000
    • Admission average of 93-94.99% or higher - $2,000
    • Admission average of 90-93.99% - $1, 000
  • Out-of-province student (admission average of 85-89.99%) - $1,500
  • New Frontier (highest average as of March 15 – not direct entry from grade 12) - $1,500
Other scholarships (subject to eligibility)
  • Bernard and Rita Wilhelm Scholarship $1,500
  • French Book Prize $200
  • Jennifer M Fudge Memorial Scholarship $1,900
  • Gladys Arnold Bursary $2,450
  • Black Teachers Matter Scholarship $1,000
International Student of Distinction Scholarship

International students are able to apply for the International Student of Distinction Scholarship of $80,000 or the URI entrance scholarship of $3000.

Students can apply through SAMS (Student Award Management System), which allows applications for scholarships online. Visit the site today to learn about eligibility details, deadlines, and documents required for scholarships offered by the University of Regina.

Community Engagement and Global Opportunities

La Cité actively engages with the Francophone community of Saskatchewan, offering opportunities for students to feel integrated within the community through collaborations, events, and cultural gatherings. Explore international partnerships for immersive experiences in Francophone cultures abroad.

Experience French abroad

La Cité has developed various partnerships to create opportunities for students to experience the Francophone cultures locally, within Canada or abroad. Students are encouraged to join programs such as the Study Abroad Program, the immersion program in France and the Explore program, funded by the Canadian government.

A variety of services and scholarships to succeed

Our Student Services Centre provides comprehensive support in French, including tutoring, academic advising, career guidance, mentorship, linguistic evaluations, and travel opportunities. With a focus on student success, La Cité ensures every student thrives in his or her academic journey. Click on each of the services below to learn more:

The possibility of engaging in high-quality graduate studies

For students who wish to pursue their graduate studies in French, La Cité offers both Master’s and Doctorate programs in French and Francophone Intercultural Studies.


Who can apply?

Our BA FSL does not require prior knowledge of the French language. People who have never studied French before can apply. The program welcomes a diverse range of candidates representing various backgrounds and aspirations. Prospective students aim to cultivate proficient and versatile French language abilities and cultural knowledge, enabling them to pursue a variety of career opportunities. It is designed for individuals who recognize French as an essential asset, as the program responds to diverse career trajectories spanning the public and private sectors. These paths may include but are not limited to translation, politics, diplomacy, business, administration, agriculture, science, research, education, journalism, and communications, both domestically and internationally.

Delivery format

The total credit requirement to graduate is 120 credits.



The costs below represent an approximate budget for two terms (8 months). Tuition will vary depending on the type and number of classes you take within this period. This estimate reflects a typical amount you could expect to pay if you enroll in a full course load. Prices are for the year 2023-2024 academic year in Canadian dollars.

Canadian Students

  • Tuition (30 credits): $7,000 to $8,500
  • Medical and dental insurance: $200
  • Books and materials: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Transportation (public transport or parking pass): $165 to $400
  • La Résidence (meals included): $8,000

International Students

  • Tuition (30 credits): $18,500 to $21,500
  • Medical and dental insurance: $200
  • Books and materials: $1,000 to $2,000
  • Transportation (public transport or parking pass): $165 to $400
  • La Résidence (meals included): $4,500


Admission/Entry requirements


Program deadlines

  • Admission opens: March 1st
  • Admission closes: August 15th
  • Program starting date: Fall (First week of September) or Winter (first week of January), depending on the Academic Calendar.



Please refer to the academic calendar for available courses, course prerequisites, delivery format, and registration information.


Academic advising and student success

La Cité and the University of Regina offer free academic advising services to help our students succeed. We recommend that students take an appointment and meet with an Academic Advisor for assistance with their program plan, course selections, graduation plan and overall success. For a comprehensive list of courses, please click here or log into Banner.

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