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La Rotonde

The Hub for Student Life in French

A gem in the heart of the main campus at La Cité, la Rotonde is an inviting and comfortable space for all to gather to study, relax, share a meal or read a good book. La Rotonde is also home to a variety of cultural resources in French such as:

  • une cinémathèque comptant près de 300 titres de films francophones
  • une bédéthèque impressionnante de plus de 1000 titres
  • un vaste inventaire de musique francophone
  • une collection de magazines francophones
  • une petite bibliothèque spécialisée sur la francophonie d’ici et d’ailleurs

All resources besides magazines are catalogued through the Archer Library at the University of Regina and are free to rent. Have an idea for an activity or would like to host your own in La Rotonde? La Rotonde is available for rental for campus and community groups.


La Cité universitaire francophone | 306.585.4828

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La Cité universitaire francophone constitutes the main hub for French-language university programming, research and services offered at the University of Regina and across the province.

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