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Live and Learn in French at the University of Regina


Although you can live in any of the many residences on campus, La Cité universitaire francophone, in partnership with Residences Services, offers Francophone and French-speaking students the opportunity to join one of its eight Living-Learning Communities (LLC), le Quartier francophone, located on the 7th floor of La Résidence in the La Cité.

Students of all backgrounds can live and learn in French right here on campus. Social activities will include movie nights and informal dialogue centered on Francophone topics. This LLC will spark conversations and foster relationships between French speakers, while showcasing all aspects of Francophone culture. All French-speaking students are eligible to join this exciting community!


La Résidence


La Résidence is a close-knit community with a French flair. This cozy residence is made up of 50 dorm-style rooms each equipped with its own private washroom.

Each room contains: Twin size bed, wardrobe closet, garbage can, small fridge, phone (local calls only, unless a calling card is used), high speed internet connection, shower curtain, desk chair, lamp, window coverings, and shelves. Large Single Rooms in La Résidence may have two of each item (not a guarantee). There is a vacuum cleaner on each floor for resident use. La Résidence dorm rooms are fully-furnished, but you will need the items listed in our What to Bring page as well.

In La Résidence rooms are dorm-style therefore they do not have cooking facilities. Residents must purchase a mandatory Meal Plan in order to live here during the Fall & Winter semesters.

Please check out the University of Regina’s Food Services webpage and take a look at some of the great eats available on campus.

Housing Rates

Cost per term

Dorm (with private washroom): $3,276 $ (meals included) or 4 installments of $819

Take a virtual tour!

Tour single and large single rooms here.


What is a Living-Learning Community?


A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a floor, or cluster of rooms, where students with a common faculty or shared interest live and learn together.  In addition to the regular academic, social and recreational programming offered to UR Residents, themed programming and extra study/project spaces are available to LLC students to  enhance their out of class learning experience.

At the University of Regina, we understand that real learning occurs not only in the classroom, but in the home as well.  This year, we are offering first-year students the exciting opportunity to be a part of one of four Living-Learning Communities! These communities are floors, or clusters of rooms where students with similar interests, academic goals, and personal values live together.

The primary purpose of each LLC is to provide a forum for themed programming, as well as a variety of learning resources and activities specific to each community’s area of interest.  LLCs offer students the opportunity to create more meaningful connections to the campus community, form lasting friendships, and expand their personal and academic horizons.  LLCs are sure to help students make the most of their first-year University experience!  

Although specific offerings will vary by community, students in LLCs will benefit from enhanced programming, study groups, tutoring, extra project spaces, and more!

Research shows that students living in LLCs:

  • Experience greater satisfaction with their overall University experience
  • Have higher GPAs
  • Are more likely to complete their degree

To learn more, check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). For service in French, please contact us:

La Cité universitaire francophone


Le Quartier francophone


Are you interested pursuing your academic and career goals, speaking French and experiencing francophone culture?  Well you can!  In this LLC you’ll speak French, develop lifelong friendships and expand your francophone network.  Not to mention, there will be exciting social events and activities.


Spaces available: 20
Location: 7th floor of La Résidence
Room Type: Private Dorms
Food Options: Meal Plan Options
Open to: All French-speaking students
Fee: No additional cost

What benefits can you look forward to?

  • Making friends with others interested in speaking and learning French
  • Tutoring and workshops to support your needs
  • Events that celebrate French culture and expand your network
  • A variety of engaging activities on and off campus
  • Access to the beautiful Rotunda common area

What our programming strives to support:

  • Academic excellence
  • A strong sense of community
  • A healthy balanced lifestyle
  • Exploration and celebration of francophone culture
  • Building connections with francophone people from around the world


How Can I Register for this Living-Learning Community?



Find the application form here

  1. The application for Living-Learning Communities is included in the Residence application. You will need to register and log in to the Residence Services Web Housing Portal. Once logged in, you will complete both applications at the same time.  Before beginning your application, carefully read the description of each LLC to determine which communities best fit your academic and personal goals and values.  Individual community descriptions are linked to the main LLC page. Take note of the residence building where each community is located and the room types offered.
  2. Please be aware, that due to the specific location of each LLC, chosen participants may be placed in a different room type than they were originally offered by Residence Services. We will try our best to keep you in the same room type for which you originally applied, but we cannot guarantee that this will be possible for all applicants.
  3. LLC offers will be extended via email (using the email address provided on the application). Please make sure to add to your list of safe senders so that our email is not sent to your junk mail box.
  4. Successful applicants will be asked to confirm their membership by a given date.
  5. In order to be eligible for an LLC, students must have paid the $50 non-refundable residence application fee, confirmed a room placement through payment of the $200 confirmation fee and the $200 security deposit, and be admitted to the University of Regina. Application for an LLC does not guarantee a spot in residence at the University of Regina. Once confirmed, students will receive a final email from Residence Services stating their assigned LLC room type.  Information about room numbers, roommates, etc. will be provided at move-in.


Residence Services at the University of Regina


For all information related to Residences (accessibility, buildings, fees, parking, etc.), please contact Residence Services.


La Cité universitaire francophone | 306-585-4828

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