The primary purposes of the Advisory Council are to advise and support the Director of La Cité universitaire francophone and to form a bridge between La Cité universitaire francophone and the community outside the University.


  • Dr. Emmanuel Aito, Director, La Cité universitaire francophone
  • Dr. Tom Chase, President (interim), University of Regina
  • Gisèle Rivard, Board Member - Francophone School Board, Conseil des écoles fransaskoises
  • Ronald Labrecque, Executive Director, Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise
  • Denis Simard, President, Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise
  • Jaclyn Reaves Jacobson, Branch Board Director, Canadian Parents for French Saskatchewan
  • Rebecca Alao, Student, La Cité universitaire francophone, University of Regina
  • Government of Saskatchewan – vacant seat
  • Government of Canada – vacant seat

Terms of Office

  • Appointments are for three years, initially staggered, except for the student who is appointed for one year.
  • Each appointment may be renewed once.

Roles and Responsibilities

    • Support the vision and mandate and activities of La Cité universitaire francophone.
    • Participate in the vision and mandate process.
    • Support and advise the Director, including providing advice related to future direction and opportunities that is responsible to and respectful of budgets, responsive to student demand, and incorporates the reality of French-language education in a minority setting.
    • Represent La Cité universitaire francophone interests in the community and in doing so maintain close ties with the Fransaskois community.
    • Participate in the annual SWOT analysis.
    • Provide input on La Cité’s operational plan.
    • Provide input on the Performance Measurement Framework.
    • Receive mid-year and end-of-year reports from the Director; including information on decisions taken by La Cité universitaire francophone - University Committee and Academic Committee.
    • Annually receive the La Cité universitaire francophone audited financial statement and a review of the status of the academic unit’s budgets.



      La Cité universitaire francophone
      cite@uregina.ca | 306.585.4828