La Cité hosts the photographic exploration "The Hand That Feeds" by French artist Estelle Bonetto

Feb 15, 2018

The Hand That Feeds is a multidisciplinary project that combines image, sound, and text. A photographic exploration of the relationship we have with food, this exhibit engages us in a reflection of our culinary heritage.

A photographic mosaic that brings culinary movements to life, The Hand That Feeds is an ode to earth and the maternal hand that feeds. This exhibit brings out our inner carefree child who takes great pleasure from playing with food. This joy is both a source of inspiration and exploration; a discovery of the senses and flavours that will leave its mark on the tenderness of childhood.

The Hand That Feeds is a cultural mosaic that represents, through the use of our hands, the richness of our culinary heritage. Hands cook, eat, slice and dice in a symphony of calculated movements, leaving room for improvisation.

From these hands, like the earth’s crust, is born the savoir-faire that will serve as a reference for generations passed, present and future.

This experience, part art, part anthropology, invites us to share our experiences with food. This multi-faceted exhibition (photography, poetry and spoken word) engages the public in multiple ways and encourages interaction.

Avid enthusiast of all forms of art, professional writer and translator, Estelle Bonetto unites photography and the written word to explore societal themes such as identity, immigration, and culinary heritage. The artistic staging of her work is key to her approach, embodied by images, words, and ideas creating a style all her own.​


Where : At La CIté universitaire francophone of the University of Regina, in La Rotonde (Language Institute Building, LI216)

The exhibition is free and open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. 

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