Questions pour l'action

A space for research and community development

Is your Francophone organization or community facing social or organizational challenges? Are you trying to get a better grasp of a problematic situation? Do you need new knowledge, data or recommendations to help explore your strategic goals? 

In partnership with the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF), the Centre de recherche sur les francophonies en milieu minoritaire (CRFM) invites you to submit these questions and issues to which research and community dialogue can provide answers and paths toward solutions.

The CRFM will identify the best expert researcher in the field to contribute to an examination and search for answers to the targeted concern. A discussion circle bringing together specialists from the community and university spheres will subsequently be set up to examine the issue in greater depth and to specifically identify strategic actions. A report will then be produced based on the results of this one-day meeting. 

The invitation is open to Fransaskois community organizations and institutions working to develop the Francophonie in Saskatchewan.

How can I take part?

Submit a one-sentence question, accompanied by an explanation of the question’s context, including an explanation of the need and what is required for action following the response you receive, as well as a description of your organization and the population it serves – all on the form provided for this purpose. 

Selection process: 

Four questions will be selected for a university-community circle each year. Submissions are accepted throughout the year. Selections are based on: 

- The organization’s need and its ability to take action following the question;

- The alignment of the problem with the CRFM’s research areas; 

- Equitable support to a wide variety of organizations, as well as to the size of the related population;

- The ability to find a competent available researcher to address the question. 

If your question is chosen:

- A talk on a related subject will be presented at La Cité; 

- A private workshop will take place with the researcher(s); 

- A university-community circle will be organized and conducted; 

- Questions and answers, as well as the circle’s report, will be published on-line. 


Please address questions and submit your form to the CRFM:





  CRFM de La Cité universitaire francophone | 306.337.3273