Medical Terminology Workshops

The medical terminology workshop, or interprofessional practical workshop on French-language medical communication, is a training session in which participants are called on to play a very active part in their learning through discussions and case simulations. 

The workshop is aimed at family physicians, specialists, residents, medical students, nurses and any other healthcare professionals who wish to improve their knowledge of medical terminology in French in a clinical context in order to be able to communicate more easily in French with their patients in a clinical, office or hospital context.

The workshop offers continuing education credits for family physicians and specialists. 


Training Objectives

  • To find more effective ways of communicating in French in an interdisciplinary clinical environment; 
  • To develop or update the participant’s French-language medical vocabulary;
  • To identify resources useful to French-language medical communication in interprofessional teams; 
  • To practice interviews with a Francophone patient in an interdisciplinary context;
  • To expand the network among students, residents, physicians and other healthcare professionals who serve or may serve Francophone communities in Saskatchewan.



  CNFS à La Cité universitaire francophone | 306.337.3110