Mini Medical School


What is the Mini Medical School?

Mini Medical School consists of two evenings of medical classes adapted for the general public and offered to Francophone communities in a friendly environment. Healthcare specialists come together to help the community learn more about health and the human body. Sessions take place in the spring and fall, touch on a variety of topics and are presented in simple, accessible language. 

Who is it for?

Mini Medical School is for anyone wanting to acquire greater knowledge of the medical field, students (aged 14 and up), adults, parents, retired persons and healthcare professionals. 

Everyone is welcome! There are no prerequisites and it's free.

How do I participate?

These events are simulcast by videoconference to Francophone communities across the country in partnership with the Consortium national de formation en santé, University of Ottawa branch. 




  CNFS à La Cité universitaire francophone | 306.337.3110