About us

The Consortium national de formation en santé (CNFS) is a pan-Canadian group of sixteen universities and colleges that offer French-language education in various health disciplines, as well as regional partners that facilitate access to these training programs across the country. La Cité universitaire francophone is one of sixteen university and college partners that constitute the CNFS.

This exceptional alliance improves access to quality French-language healthcare services tailored to the needs of Francophone minority communities by increasing the number of professionals able to offer these services. In this way, the CNFS contributes significantly to the wellness and development of these communities across the country.

Our mission

(CNFS) is composed of postsecondary training institutions that deliver French-language programs in various health-related disciplines.

Our mission is to ensure the implementation of an extended network of French-language postsecondary training and research. This network aims to support training institutions that provide education in the health field. In addition, it assists researchers who seek to strengthen research in the health field, particularly as it pertains to Francophone minority communities.

In compliance with authorities and responsibilities in established sectors, the CNFS relies on complementary networks and partners, such as:

  • Health care institutions;
  • Professional orders;
  • Regional, provincial and national organizations who are engaged in improving French-language services within communities;
  • Government agencies in the health sector;
  • Complementary training and research networks, particularly those from the province of Québec.

Rooka Ramdin