University Courses for Adult Learners

As an adult learner, you are able to participate in courses normally reserved for university students, thanks to a partnership with the French and Francophone Intercultural Studies Program and the French Training Centre at La Cité. French fluency is required (B2-intermdiate or higher). You must complete all coursework but you will not have to write any exams. In addition:

  • University admission is not required
  • No course pre-requisites
  • No final grade or transfer credit will be awarded; a certificate of completion will be available

You will be in the same classroom as regular university students in order to promote discussion and collaboration.

Courses take place in-person at the University of Regina. There is paid parking available.

Each course costs $400.


Course List

Fall 2018 (September to December)

Register before September 1, 2018


► Indigenous Studies

Taught by Dr. Jérôme Melançon

Tuesday, Thursday / 10am-11:15am / AdHum Building, Room 348

This course introduces the subject of Indigenous studies with a survey of Indigenous peoples in Canada from their origins, through European influence, and to the present.


► Structure of Modern French

Taught by Dr. Michael Akinpelu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 11:30am-12:20pm / Language Institute, Room 132

The structure of modern French: its speech sounds, sound patterns, word formation, sentence structure and meaning. Language contact; social and linguistic diversity; interculturality.


► The Francophone World

Taught by Dr. Michael Poplyansky

Tuesday, Thursday / 10am-11:15am / Language Institute, Room 132

Critically explore the Francophonie, across time and space, as a concept, a lived phenomenon and a possibility for engagement.


► Québecois Beliefs that May Shock You

Taught by Dr. Michael Poplyansky

Tuesday, Thursday / 1pm-2:15pm / Language Institute, Room 132

Analyze the debates that divide Québecois society or distinguish it from the rest of Canada. Themes include: language, education (including tuition), healthchare, immigration, religious, and gender roles.





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