UR Guarantee Program in French

The Student Services Centre is responsible for the French component of the UR Guarantee (URG) Program. You can find out how the activities, events and services offered in French will enhance your participation in the mandatory and elective opportunities.

The URG is a unique initiative that guarantees that you, as a URG member, will find career-related employment within 6 months of completing your degree or the U of R will waive the tuition and course fees for an additional 30 credit hours of undergraduate courses in the following year. For those who have completed more than 30 credit hours, you are eligible for the URG Advantage program (no tuition waiver).

Best of all, the program is FREE! The URG program will support you every step of your university experience to successful employment.

We guarantee you will:

  • Discover more about yourself, your university and your goals
  • Explore your place in the world and how you can make a difference
  • Egnage with what you've learned and make it person
  • Act on your goals with confidence
  • Achieve great things and reach your goals! 


 For more information, please visit the URG website.


Need Tutoring? The tutoring service is free for all University of Regina students taking at least one French course.