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Internships in a Francophone Environment

The unpaid internship in a Francophone environment is designed to provide students with an opportunity to put their French-language communications skills into practice and to develop relationships with members of Saskatchewan’s Francophone community.

It allows students to work solely in French and to familiarize themselves with Fransaskois culture and history. The length of the internship varies according to the student’s needs (a day, a week, a month, etc.).


For more information, please contact:

Student Services Centre
La Cité universitaire francophone
Language Institute Building - LI 220.1


Young Canada Works (YCW)

Young Canada Works, an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage was created in 1996 to help young Canadians develop work skills and on-the-job experience.

YCW is part of the Government of Canada's Youth Employment Strategy, which is committed to helping young people – students and graduates – particularly those facing barriers to employment, get the information and gain the skills, experience and ability they need to enter Canada's workforce.

Summer Jobs and Internships



Teaching Assistant Program in France

Each year, Canadians fly to France to live this unique work experience for 7 months, and come back thrilled, with new professional experience and greater confidence in their future. As an assistant you will teach English to French students in primary or secondary schools. You will experience a country and its people first-hand.

Take part in the school life, make friends with other teachers, get to know your students and help them get to know you and your country. There is no better opportunity to build an exchange between two cultures and to have fun doing it.


Age: You must be between 20 and 30 at the beginning of the teaching contract 

Citizenship: You must be a Canadian citizen and living in Canada at the time of applying

Education: You must be enrolled in a university (even part time) and have completed at least two years of study at the undergraduate level

Language: You must be an English native speaker, or speak English fluently. You do not need to have a degree in French or to be fluent, but some knowledge of French (level B1) is recommended.

Your role as a language assistant

Your role will be to improve your students’ confidence in spoken English through interactive and recreational activities. Students will also expect you to introduce them to Canadian culture. You will have to plan varied activities and games, using everyday, real-life documents from Canada.


The net monthly salary of a teaching assistant is approximately €800 per month (12 hrs/week). This salary provides enough money to live in the lifestyle of a typical French student. Assistants are responsible for their own travel expenses. Personal funds are recommended for the initial period of contract.


All contracts begin October 1st and end April 30th. French schools are located in 30 different administrative regions called ‘académies’. On your application form, you will be able to choose up to 3 académies. Because of the restricted number of positions available in each académie, not all candidates can be offered their first choice of académie. You may be posted anywhere within the whole académie (e.g.: if you request to be posted in the académie of Lille, you may be offered a position in Lille or somewhere else in the académie). You will also be able to choose between primary and secondary schools.


For more information, please contact:

Student Services Centre
La Cité universitaire francophone
Language Institute Building - LI 220.1


Or the Embassy of France in Canada at :

Nancy Gill
Ambassade de France au Canada
464 Wilbrod - Ottawa
Ontario- K1N 6M8


Odyssey | Language-Assistant Program

Travel • Work • Learn

Are you looking for a paid work experience in a school environment? Does the opportunity to travel throughout Canada, and share your culture appeal to you? Take part in Odyssey!

Odyssey is a language-assistant program. Under the supervision of a teacher, your role will be to encourage students to improve their knowledge of the English language and its associated cultures and to use the language on a daily basis. You will leave your home province or territory to work in a rural or suburban area in another province.

Make a difference in the lives of students by helping them improve their knowledge of the French language. Working under the supervision of a teacher, you will use games and activities on a daily basis to motivate students to learn more about the target language. You will share your culture and the unique linguistic features of your home region through art, music, stories, local expressions, and humour.

As a language assistant, you will work 25 hours a week, Monday to Friday, from the beginning of September through May 31. Working during school hours, you will have plenty of time on weeknights and weekends to meet new friends, pursue your hobbies, or even find a part-time job! You will receive a taxable salary of $18,500$ (around $20/hour) for the nine months of your work term.

Under the supervision of the teacher or instructor, your tasks may include the following:

  • encouraging students to participate in oral communication activities
  • preparing classroom activities that focus on learning language and culture
  • leading small groups of two to 10 students
  • motivating students to learn French
  • encouraging students to appreciate other cultures
  • participating in evening and weekend cultural activities
  • helping students with language labs at the postsecondary level (although this activity should be kept to a minimum)


For more information, please contact or visit:

Student Services Centre
La Cité universitaire francophone
Language Institute Building - LI 220.1


Need Tutoring? The tutoring service is free for all University of Regina students taking at least one French course.