Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN)


Program offered jointly by Faculty of Nursing at the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, in partnership with La Cité universitaire francophone.


Are you bilingual and passionate about healthchare? You now have the option to study in French in the Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (SCBScN). 

The program is bilingual: half your classes will be in French, half will be in English. 

Complete half your degree in French

Within the English cohort in the 4-year Regina program, there are 7 seats reserved for biligual students as of Fall 2018.

How is this different from the English program?

  • Many nursing courses (CNUR) as well as Indigenous studies (INDG 100) and statistics (STAT 100) will be offered in French
  • ENGL 100 is replaced by its equivalent, FRN 352
  • Exclusive access to scholarship including $500 per semester from Heritage Canada (minimum of 9 credits per semester)
  • Final internship in a bilingual or Francophone setting

The Perks:

  • Smaller classes means better student : teacher ratio 
  • Perfect your language and communication skills
  • More career and travel opportunities
  • Greater access to scholarships
  • Free services and resources in French at La Cité

More information through the Faculty of Nursing

Admission Requirements

An intermediate and advanced level of French and English is required. A placement test must be completed upon receiving your conditional offer.

To be admissible to the SCBScN, you must complete the following courses* with a grade of 70% in each course: 

  • English Language Arts A30, Français fransaskois A30 or Français immersion 30
  • English Language Arts B30, Français fransaskois B30 ou Français immersion 30
  • Pre-calculus 30
  • Biology 30 
  • Chemistry 30 

*or provincial equivalents

NB : you may complete the equivalent courses at the U of R (ELA A30 and B30 = ENGL 100; Français fransaskois A30 and B30 or Français immersion 30 = FRN 352; Biology 30 = BIOL 100 ou BIOL 140; Chemistry 30 = CHEM 100)

Admission will be based on the highest averages among applicants. 

Please contact us ifl:

  • If you've completed more than 15 credits hours
  • You have a diploma in healthcare aid (or equivalent) or if you've completed at least 9 credits in the SCBScN
  • If you're registered in a nursing program outside of the University of Regina 


For more information:


In French :
  Student Services Centre | 306.337.3280


In English:
  Faculty of Nursing | 306.337.3300

Content to come...

Content to come...

  • 4-year program offered 50% in French, 50% in English 

  • 7 spots reserved in the bilingual cohort in Regina 

  • Exclusive access to scholarships, services and resourecs in French at La Cité

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Need Tutoring? The tutoring service is free for all University of Regina students taking at least one French course.