Baccalauréat en éducation française

If your goal is to teach in francophone, French immersion or Core French schools, the Baccalauréat en éducation (Le Bac) will give you the preparation you need. Le Bac will prepare you to make a meaningful contribution to the diversity of knowledge, language and culture in Saskatchewan. It will also equip you with invaluable training and skills that will help you find employment elsewhere in Canada or abroad.

Le Bac will prepapre you to contribute to Saskatchewan's knowledge, language and cultural diversity.

Would you like to be a part of social change? A career in teaching may be for you. An emphasis on social justice is at the heart of the education program. Le Bac allows you to become fully engaged in your community.

It will also prepare you with the skills and knowledge required for finding work around Canada and abroad. Students will gain:


Teaching students how to read, write and speak French; discovering methods and resources to teachd in French in a minority context; learning about child development; working with special needs students; evaluating learning; Francophone culture and history; philosophy of education; professional conduct; learning and development in children


Planning, organizing and contribuing to quality instructional methods; putting in place teaching strategies; workign cooperatively; conducting research; critical and creative thinking; effective communication in French and English; education administration; theory and practice of pedagogical decision-making

access to a variety of careers and industries...

  • Teacher
  • Curriculum developper
  • Arts, culture and heritage officer
  • Guidance counsellor
  • Foreign service officer
  • Government analyst
  • Journalist/editor
  • Parks officer
  • Educational administrator
  • Translator               
  • Tourism officer
  • Communications/public relations officer



Admission Requirements

To be admissible to the four or five-year program, you must:

  •  Have passed Français fransaskois A30 or B30 or immersion 30 or pass the Department French and Francophone Intercultural Studies placement test and attain a FRN 201 or higher level

  • Receive a positive recommendation from the Bac team


To be admissible to the two-year after-degree (Bachelor of Education After-Degree or BEAD), you must:

  • Have a minimum 65% GPA in your undergraduate degree

  • Have taken ECSF 100 or ECSF 110

  • Have majored in the following during your undergraduate degree :

    • Elementary Program : 21 credits in French from FRN 201 and 18 credits in at least three other subject matters taught at the elementary level

    • High School Program: 24 credits in French from FRN 201 and 15 credits in one of the following concentrations: English, social sciences, mathematics, science, physical education, religious studies or fine arts (other concentrations are possible)

Interested in this program?

For more information, check out Le Bac's website or contact

Le Bac


Various options:

  • • 4-year program for grade 12 graduates

  • • 5-year program leading to two degrees, B.Ed. and B.A. with major in French

  • • 2-year program for students who already hold a bachelor's degree

These programs prepare graduates to teach at either the elementary or high school level.


  • Second year at Université Laval in Québec City

  • • In-school experience during each year of the program

  • • Direct-entry program

  • • Small work groups and dynamic professors

  • • Numerous bursaries and scholarships available

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