Grammar Refresher

Course for Intermediate or Advanced Proficiency Levels


Our French Grammar Refresher Course is designed to improve and solidify the learner’s grammar knowledge at the intermediate and advanced levels. The focus of this training is a review of major grammar concepts using work-related topics.

Using distance technology provides flexibility, allowing participants to access the course from anywhere. The course is given in real time with a live instructor in Quebec.



  • On WebEx and online
  • Language of Instruction: French


Course overview and structure

This online course reviews the grammar notions at the intermediate or advanced level and gives an overview of some useful written strategies. Clear grammar explanations are reinforced by practical exercises to help the participant master the concepts of the French language.

The course is taught in 2-hour weekly increments over a period of 9 weeks (18 hours in total). The maximum capacity is 5 participants to encourage useful interaction between learners.

LRDG recommends that learners commit to 2 hours of self-study before each session. The course registration includes access to all LRDG online modules for this purpose as well as progress features for study time. In addition to these materials, learners have access to the LRDG Community, reference section and blog for additional learning strategies and activities.

Assistance by an account manager dedicated to La Cité learners

Each session comes with an ESR (End of Session Report) summarizing the work done and providing feedback on progress. The second to last session is comprised of a written evaluation.

The course is provided in a virtual environment and offers two ways to access the online sessions: from a classroom setting at La Cité or from your personal computer, wherever internet is available.


Included in the program

  • Nine (9) sessions complete with an End of Session Report (ESR)
  • Cahier du participant – Learner’s Guide
  • Access to the LRDG Portal 24/7, 7days/week
  • Access to an extensive reference section, LRDG Express blog and LRDG Community


Registration period

Learners can enroll in the French Grammar Refresher Course until April 25th, 2016


Registration process

Following your registration to the program through the La Cité website, your LRDG account manager will create your account on the LRDG Portal. You will then receive and email inviting you to fill out an LRDG registration form.

Once completed, the account manager will assign you to your group, send you the Learner’s Guide and WebEx connection instructions, and provide access to the LRDG modules.

La Cité will provide a classroom with the necessary equipment. If you cannot attend in person and choose to attend from another location using your personal computer, you will also need loudspeakers and a microphone. Please make sure to install and test the plug-in before the first lesson. Click here for WebEx system requirements.

One week before the first session, you will receive an email invitation to attend the session. Before every subsequent session, WebEx will send you an email reminder.


Course fee

$315 per person (based on a group size of 5 learners)

Note that 5 learners is the maximum number of learners per course. If fewer than 5 people register, you will be contacted and a slightly higher rate will be proposed to cover the cost of the course, or the course will be cancelled.


For more information, please contact:

Marie-Eve Bussières, Continuing Education Coordinator​ | 306-337-2616


Course admission Requirements

Level B1 or B2

Level C1 or successful completion of the French Grammar Refresher Course – Intermediate level


From May 2 to June 27, 2016





LRDG Modules



Commun European Framework


Number of instruction hours



self-study hours


B: Intermediate low to Intermediate high



Module 8 to 12





18 hours



36 hours



C: Intermediate high to Advanced



Module 13 to 15




18 hours

36-45 hours

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