Pour l'amour du françaisMD is a program designed by Language Research Development Groupe (LRDG) for people with a busy schedule. It consists of 15 modules that are accessed online. It provides a personalized, flexible and motivating learning environment by combining self-directed computer-based training with individual tutoring sessions on the phone. Progress at your own rhythm and measure your performance.

Suggested time investment is 5 to 7 hours weekly.

The program employs computer-based language software combined with live tutoring sessions on the phone or online that makes learning French quick, effective and fun!

Program Highlights

  • 15 levels including audio, video, vocabulary, grammar activities and more!
  • Live sessions with a personal tutor allowing you to practice your oral skills
  • Advance at your own pace by scheduling your tutoring sessions at your convenience
  • Learn anywhere, anytime: at home, at school or on the go!
  • Proven learning methodology guarantees successful language acquisition


  • There is a mandatory oral test at the end of each Module.
  • The 5th tutoring hour is used for this oral test
  • A score of 90% or higher is required to pass on to the next level.


Go ahead and get started!


 $365 / module (include 5 hours of tutoring)


For more information, please contact:

Marie-Eve Bussières, Continuing Education Coordinator​
centreFr.cite@uregina.ca | 306-337-2616

Pour l'amour du françaisMD  consists of 15 modules, from Beginner to Advanced. Anyone may register.

Once you complete the online registration, you will receive email confirmation from our Head of Continuing Education, who will then advise the LRDG group to contact you for a preliminary oral evaluation.

The assessor will then provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report and recommend a starting module based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will be given an access code for the online materials, and a qualified tutor will also be assigned according to your schedule, and you can start the training.

Register at any time and progress at your own pace.

The estimated time to complete each module is around 8 weeks.

We recommend doing 5 to 7 hours of self-study using online modules for each hour of tutoring, at least every two weeks. This will allow you to practice newly learned concepts. At the end of each module, on your fifth lesson, your knowledge will be assessed by an evaluator using two tests: Module Contrôle (a written test) and the oral exam (oral test). The oral test will be given by another tutor and can take between 30 to 45 minutes. To move on to the next module, a score of 80% is required on this exam. Your oral evaluation report, accessible through the LRDG portal, lists all the language knowledge that has been acquired, is currently being acquired, and what still needs to be acquired easily so that you can distinguish between your strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, you will benefit from other interactive tools to advance your training. The LRDG community gives you additional academic support, after-hours tutoring, while our interactive LRDG Express blog stimulates you with new activities and learning strategies. 

Please note that 5 hours of tutoring are also included with your registration.

Need Tutoring? The tutoring service is free for all University of Regina students taking at least one French course.