Le plaisir de parler

Le plaisir de parler is a learning environment that brings together learners of different ability levels in French. This course is given in a relaxed environment and focuses on improving fluency in spoken French.The content and progression of courses are adapted according to the communication needs, learning styles, prior knowledge, interests, skills, etc. of the individuals taking part.

The less rigid framework fosters discussion and interaction among learners, while integrating communicative and experiential activities. 

Course objectives:

  • Improve comprehension
  • Foster participation in exchanges and discussions
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Socialize

Registration Fee: $180



For more information, please contact:

Marie-Eve Bussières, Continuing Education Coordinator​
centreFr.cite@uregina.ca | 306-337-2616


Le plaisir de parler is intended for adults aged 18 and up who have a good knowledge of basic language concepts.

Le plaisir de parler is intended for learners of French at the Intermediate or Advanced level and who are able to carry a conversation in French.

Those who have never taken a French course with La Cité will have to pass an oral placement test.





9-week program 

2 hours once per week (total: 18 hours)

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