Emmanuel Aito appointed Director of La Cité

Apr 24, 2017

Following a national search conducted according to University policy, the Associate Vice-President (Academic and Research), Dr Dena McMartin, has recommended to President Timmons that Dr Emmanuel Aito be appointed as Director of La Cité universitaire francophone for a five-year term effective 1 July 2017. President Timmons has accepted the recommendation, and Dr Aito has accepted the University's offer of appointment.

Dr Aito has served since August 2016 as acting director of La Cité universitaire francophone. He joined the Department of French at the University of Regina in 1998. He received both his MA (1992) and his PhD (1999) from Dalhousie University, studying under the mentorship of Dr Rostislav Kocourek. His primary area of teaching and research is French linguistics, with a particular focus on specialized language and terminology. In the last few years, he has been developing a body of work in glottopolitics (the intersections of language, policy and politics) and the intercultural dimensions of terminology, while espousing new approaches that privilege actual usage and lexical creativity. He is currently working on language and democratization, political discourse as well as theorizing intercultural terminology in a Nigerian minority language.

He has been the anchor of the graduate program in the French Department, developing new courses and successfully recruiting and mentoring several MA students to graduation, some of whom have returned over the years to be colleagues at La Cité. He continues to recruit from far and near into the MA program in Études francophones et interculturelles.

In 2006, he assumed the headship of the French Department, and thereafter held two consecutive five-year terms, while concurrently serving in 2013 as interim Head of International Languages. Under his leadership, the Department of French underwent a sweeping review and embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of its programs. This exercise led to the adoption of new course contents and a pedagogical orientation that purposely merge students’ interests in language, culture and society, a fact reflected in the new name of the Program in Études francophones et interculturelles. This effort has resulted in the embrace of a wide gamut of interests in the Humanities and Social Sciences, while serving up programs that escape the traditional confines of modern language studies.

La Cité’s team welcomes Emmanuel Aito to his new role!

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