TFI - Test international de français

The Test international de français (TFI™) evaluates the French level of non-francophones. This multiple choice test assesses a candidate's ability to understand, speak, read and write French as it is used in the international workplace. This test opens opportunities for programs of study or for employment.

The TFI test is a product of Educational Testing Service (ETS), developer of psychometric tests such as the SAT, TOEFL and TOEIC.

The TFI proves your ability in French as it:

  • is an indicator of your ability in French, and can be useful when applying for jobs and asking for a promotion at work.
  • proves your ability to follow a training course in French.
  • helps chart your progress in French

And consider this:

  • Some educational establishments require a TFI score for admission.
  • You can add your TFI score and description to your résumés.


Study Work
Most Cégeps and Francophone Universities require that non Francophone students obtain a TFI score for admission. You can demonstrate to employers your ability to use French in the workplace by including your TFI score and description on your resume.


Where ?

  • La Cité universitaire francophone at the University of Regina is the only institution to offer the test in Saskatchewan.
  • The test is taken in the Language Intitute Building of the University of Regina, room LI142.
  • Many other canadian cities also offer the test: Charlottetown, Laval, Quebec, Toronto, Winnipeg, Jonquiere, Montreal, Vancouver, Kingston, Ottawa, Shippagan, Victoria. 

When ?


Test date     Registrations deadline         Score report mailing dates
February 18        February 9  February 24
March 18 March 9 March 24
April 22 April 13 April 28
May 20  May 11 May 26
June 17 June 8 June 23
July 22 July 13 July 28
Sept 16 August 5 Sept 25
Oct 14 Oct 3 Oct 23
Dec 9 Nov 29 Dec 18


The test starts at noon and last approximately 2,5 hours. 

Service offered

Regular Service: $120 (+ GST)

Registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Upon completion of the TFI, a Certificate and Test results are sent to the candidate.



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For more details, please contact:

Marie-Eve Bussières
Continuing Education Coordinator
La Cité universitaire fancophone, University of Regina

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