Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Intercultural Studies (BA)


This is not your average French degree! Our traditional Bachelor of Arts (BA) has been completely revamped to incorporate innovative teaching methods, such as the flipped classroom. Professors create their own learning materials and resources that are adapted specifically for U of R students, while making use of the latest technology in the classroom.

The BA centres on the study of the French language and francophone cultures from around the world.

A degree in French opens many doors in Canada and abroad, both personally and professionally. Students will gain:


Pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing in French; language structure and linguistic theories; economic, political, social, intellectual, artistic and history from francophone regions; a holistic appreciation for francophone cultures and their challenges


Reading, writing and speaking in French (from beginner to advanced); effective communication; research and critical thinking; appreciating French culture and heritage

access to a variety of careers and industries...

  • Journalist/producer
  • Event planner
  • Governement analyst
  • Teacher/professor
  • Foreign service agent
  • Administrator
  • Social worker
  • Linguistic evaluator
  • Border agent
  • Missionary
  • Development/community officer
  • Museum assistant
  • Public relations officer
  • Researcher
  • Travel agent/tour guide
  • Translator/interpreter
  • Federal or provincial ministerial assistant
  • Arts, culture and heritage coordinator
  • Librarian
  • Political analyst
  • Public relations/communications officer


 * No previous knowledge of French is required


Interested? Want to learn more? Please contact : 

Centre de services aux étudiants
La Cité universitaire francophone, LI 220


Program Requirements

Minimum 39 credit hours (13 FRN courses)

  • FRN 201 (Exploration II)
  • FRN 300 (Achievement I)
  • FRN 301 (Achievement II)
  • FRN 236 (The Structure of Modern French)
  • FRN 246 (The Francophone World)
  • FRN 366 (French Litterature)
  • Two 200 level FRN courses (students may use FRN 200 if they acheived a minimum grade of 75%), such as:
    • FRN 220 AB (French in Your Plate!)
    • FRN 220 AD (Francophone Cinema)
    • FRN 220 AA (Customs and Rituals in French Canada)
  • Three 300 level FRN courses, such as:
    • FRN 340 AD (Francophone Women)
    • FRN 350 AA (The Dynamics of Language and Society)
  • Two 400 level FRN courses 
    • FRN 440 AA (The Francophone 60s)

*Pleasse note that FRN 100, 101, 110 and 200 are not recognized within the French major. However, credits will be recognized within the degree program.


Students interested in a French major but with a language level below FRN 201 are encouraged to apply for the Certificate in French as a Second Language.


For current course offerings, click here or check UR Self-Service.

For specific pre-requisites and co-requisites, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

Contact our Academic Advisor for a program outline and proposed sequencing for a student doing the 120-credit BA in French.

Interested? Want to learn more? Please contact : 

Centre de services aux étudiants
La Cité universitaire francophone, LI 220

* We will book an advising session upon request.

Students given advanced standing in French, based on the French pre-registration assessment, may be exempted from up to 9 of the required 39 credit hours, according to the standing they are granted. The course(s) from which a student is exempted will be determined by the French Department.

Students who have never studied French before may register in FRN 100 without doing the assessment.

However, ALL students with any background in French (including elementary school, high school, immersion, living or studying in a French-speaking environment) registering in their first course at the university MUST take the mandatory assessment.

Students who have a background in core French would normally begin their studies at the 100 level (100, 101, etc.). Students with grade 12 French immersion would normally begin their studies at the 200 level (201, 300, etc.).

Major in French

  • Major requirements: 13 French classes (or 39 credit hours)
  • 65% GPA required in major courses

Honours Major in French

  • Major requirements: 17 French classes (or 51 credit hours)
  • 75% GPA required in major courses
  • Honours paper (resulting from FRN 490 or a research project) shall be submitted within the final 15 credit hours

La Cité students can choose to do a double major provided that students meet the course requirements for each program. Combined majors need a minimum of 60 credit hours (20 courses) in their majors. Students must consult with the Associate Deans or Department Heads in both disciplines.


  • • Many exchange and immersion opportunities in Canada and abroad

  • • Opportunity to participate in the Co-operative Education program

  •  Diploma with Bilingual Mention: 40 to 60% of courses taken in French, with at least two courses outside La Cité or the Faculty of Education

  • • Access to the Student Services Centre (free tutoring, academic advising, employment services, etc.)

  • • Numerous scholarships and bursaries available

Need Tutoring? The tutoring service is free for all University of Regina students taking at least one French course.