The name La Cité universitaire francophone was chosen after an exhaustive consultation process, including a public call in which the community took part. The decision to choose a unilingual French name is consistent with the unique character of our Francophone minority reality.

A name that is simple and easy to remember, La Cité refers in particular to a multidisciplinary space. A university benchmark for Saskatchewan’s Francophones and for the Francophonie, La Cité embodies a collaborative, innovative and dynamic environment in which promotion of the French language is emphasized. La Cité, therefore, also evokes a gathering place for French-speakers, no matter what their first language, a place of education and academic guidance, and of course a place of meeting with the community. 


The logo chosen for La Cité universitaire francophone recalls the unique pyramidal shape of the Language Institute building’s architecture. In particular, this pyramid allows the building to be easily identified on the University of Regina campus. A symbol of ascension and stability, the pyramid represents its solid foundation.

The French quotation marks (« ») emphasize French-language education and highlight the affirmation of its Francophone cultural identity. Their likeness to cupped hands also evokes the inclusion and guidance offered to students.

Finally, the colours echo the vitality and uniqueness of La Cité in an Anglophone university environment. 


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